To begin the registration process please download the Registration Packet, print and fax to (401) 397-2474 along with copies of the following documents:

  1. Completed application with owner's signature
  2. Bank authorization form with owner's signature
  3. Copy of a voided business check
  4. Copy of current dealer's license
  5. Copy of current sales tax permit
  6. Form showing company name and Federal ID # (front of tax return, ss4, 1120, 1065, or 1040 form)
  7. **Power of Attorney with owner's signature (notarized)
  8. **List of owners & officers / guaranty with owner's signature (notarized)
  9. Proof of ownership if applicable (articles of incorporation, minute page only)
  10. Titles/Checks mailing preference form (choosing FedEx of UPS will require your account #)

**Two forms must be notarized.

For your convenience, a notary is available at our auction (owner must be present).