Attention all online buyers: Effective immediately all online purchases $3,001 and over are subject to a mandatory $40 frame post-sale inspection.

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  1. Login to the site using the login located in the top right corner of the screen.

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2. Now that you're logged in, click the 'Online Sales' box.


3. Now click the red 'Attend As A Bidder' button. 

 4. Listed are the lanes we have running for any of our sales. To bid in a certain lane, click the 'Join!' button (This button will only appear once the sale has started).

Live Block Auctions Lane List for Ocean State Auto Auction

 5. Wait while the sale loads.

6. Your bidding screen will appear as below. Click the yellow 'BID' button to bid on the current lot on the screen.

If you have further questions, please contact Megan Bibby at:

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Live Block Auctions support line: 1-877-694-6100

Click here for the LiveBlock Auctions FAQ Support Page